What is Traders Premier League (TPL)?
How can I eligible for playing the game?
Why can’t I get access to my account?
How can I change my password?
Do I create multiple accounts with the same email address on TPL?
How can I edit / update my profile Information on TPL?
I couldn’t log in even after using the right set of email id and password, why?
I signed up before few minutes but still couldn’t get the confirmation email from TPL?
I do not have much knowledge about the Indian Stock Market, can I still play?

Let’s Play the Game:

How can I get the guide to play game?
How do I create my Portfolio?
Can I create another portfolio for other contests?
How many stocks should I buy and sell to join the contest?
Can I choose only either buy or sell to participate in the contest?
After selecting stocks for buy and sell; still, my credit isn’t reached 95% or more.
What’s the use of HOT STOCK?
Can I make changes to my portfolio? How long does it take time to get a reflection?
How many portfolios can I build for a single contest?
Can I participate in the same contest using several portfolios?
Can I choose which one of my portfolios will emulate in a Contest after Joining?

Scores & Points:

How Will I score points?
When do your scores get updated?
What Will TPL Do to Distribute the Winning Amount When there is a tie between players?
Can I check my points during the live contest?
Does my contest points showing in my account are live?
What kinds of contests can I Participate?
Can I Create a Private Contest on TPL?
How can I join the contests?
How many champions will be declared for each contest?
How do I Create Private Contest?
Can I invite my friends to join the contest in which I’m participating?
How Can I invite my friends to join the TPL app?
How do you determine the champion of the contest?
What’s the difference between cash and practice contest?
Do I need to pay fees to join the contest? How much?

Money Prizes:

How can I get informed if I win the Contest and Money Prizes?
When will the winning amount be credited to my account?
Is there any expiry date for my winning amount?

Account Balance:

How to deposit and withdraw money from your TPL account?
Can you please describe the term “Cash Bonus”? How Can I earn it?
How can I view my TPL account balance?
How do I get notified for every transaction?
My account balance isn’t showing correct. Why?
How much time does it take to display my deposited amount into my TPL balance?
What order does TPL app use to pay the entry fee for the cash contest?


Is bank account is mandatory to join the contests on TPL app?
How can I get my TPL account verified for withdrawing winning amount?
Why do I provide a PAN card?

Withdraw Money:

How Can I withdraw winning amount from my TPL account?
Can I withdraw “Cash Bonus” in my TPL account?
What Kind of bank account information do I need to give for verification/withdrawal?


Am I eligible to play if my age is below 18?
Is a paid version of TPL legal in India?
What percentage (%) of winning amount do I have to pay as tax?

FairPlay Infringement:

What is disallowed on TPL App?
What happens when?


Is it safe to deposit money through Paytm gateway?
Do I deposit money to TPL account through credit/debit card?

Block In Group Chat:

Why my account get suspended or blocked?